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shut off timer
Established in 2002, Huali Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a China cheap shut off timer sale and custom shut off timers wholesale, designer. All of our jewelry are no harm to health, and the content of metal nickel suites the Europe standard. OEM and personalized shut off timer is also welcomed. With unique designs, superior quality, prompt delivery and good services, our company has always kept in pace with world fashion trends with the latest fashion shut off timers and findings.
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shut off timer

Easy to set with one simple touch
No dials to mess with
Save energy and shuts off appliances when you forget
Use with all plug in appliances and electrical devices
Simple Touch C30001 Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet, Multi Setting Hold / 1hr / 2hr/ 4hr/8hr. Plug appliances into a Simple Touch outlet and control how long they stay on with the press of a single button. This outlet feature makes it great for lights around your home a curling iron, hair straightener, coffee maker, slow cookers, crafting tools, panini grills and many other household appliances. The outlet will automatically shut off even if you forget! This product brings intelligence to your wall socket. This great new invention is patent pending and is available in both single and multi settings. The Simple Touch Outlet is lightweight, convenient and easy to use. It is an automatic shut-off device that works with one simple touch of a button. This unit plugs into a wall outlet and then you plug the appliance into the Simple Touch Outlet. After choosing a pre-set time it will automatically turn off the electricity that is powering the appliance. It was designed to increase safety, peace of mind and convenience in all living conditions. It is very convenient to use and is UL safety approved.
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shut off timers
Become more economical with propane and natural gas appliances
Programmable shut-off timer
Constructed of rugged aluminum weatherproof housing
Hexagonal wrench grip makes for easier installation
Withstands temperatures over 800 degrees Fahrenheit
The Gas Sav-r Automatic Timer prevents waste of fuel on propane and natural gas appliances and can be set to any desired shut-off time up to one hour, in 10 minute increments. The Gas Sav-r Automatic Timer is constructed of rugged aluminum weatherproof housing that withstands temperatures over 800° F. Hexagonal wrench grip makes for easier installation in the gas line between the tank and grill or fireplace. 0.5 inches IPS connections.
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