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loose diamond
Established in 2002, Huali Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a China cheap loose diamond sale and custom loose diamonds wholesale, designer. All of our jewelry are no harm to health, and the content of metal nickel suites the Europe standard. OEM and personalized loose diamond is also welcomed. With unique designs, superior quality, prompt delivery and good services, our company has always kept in pace with world fashion trends with the latest fashion loose diamonds and findings.
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loose diamond
Certification: GIA
This diamond comes accompanied by a diamond certificate grading report from the GIA.
Cut: Very Good
This diamond is cut to exacting proportions that reflect almost as much light entering it as an Ideal cut. Diamonds with a Very Good cut grade represent a brilliant diamond at a lower price than a diamond with an Ideal cut grade.
Color: F
This diamond is considered colorless, with just a slight difference from a D or E color apparent only with direct comparison when the diamonds are unmounted. This diamond will appear beautifully colorless in the setting at a lower price than a D or E color, depending on other quality factors.
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loose diamonds
These are twelve elite round Loose Black Diamonds having Approximate Total Carat Weight: 4.96 Carats. AA quality stones are eye clean stones with no visible nicks and inclusions. These stones are amongst the best quality Black Diamond Stones.,NUMBER OF DIAMONDS:12,SHAPE:Round,AVERAGE COLOR:Black,AVERAGE QUALITY:AA,MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:4.96,COLOR:Black
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