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glass bangle
Established in 2002, Huali Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a China cheap glass bangle sale and custom glass bangles wholesale, designer. All of our jewelry are no harm to health, and the content of metal nickel suites the Europe standard. OEM and personalized glass bangle is also welcomed. With unique designs, superior quality, prompt delivery and good services, our company has always kept in pace with world fashion trends with the latest fashion glass bangles and findings.
glass bangles show
glass bangle
Express yourself, show your true spirit!
Each bangle has an expression on it written in melted glass
6 glass bangles included with the same expression, in three different colors
Mix these fun bangles into your other glass bangle sets
Handmade in limited quantities
Each glass bangle is hand decorated with melted glass for a completely one-of-a-kind bangle! These bangles have an expression written right on the bangle. They can be worn alone or mixed into other bangle sets. Click on the pictures to see close-up pictures and a gallery of sample bangle sets using Express Me Bangles (for illustration only bangle sets not included with Express Me bangles). Each Express Me Bangle set comes with 6 bangles (2 each in orange glass, green glass, and dark glass). Each bangle bracelet is hand-made in India/Pakistan and as such may include variations in texture or decoration. Made of glass. Due to limited quantities, extra bangles are NOT included. They are packaged with extreme care for safe arrival. Sizing Questions? M/L (2.10) is the most common size in the U.S. Check out sizing guide link in our help section to find your size.
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glass bangles
Real indian glass bangles from Beachcombers! These glass bangles are the same found in India used for weddings, parties and other social events. Now you can add them to your collection and wear them everywhere. Unlike pre-made bangle sets that offer no individuality, we create unique sets exclusive to Beachcombers. Beachcombers! makes sure that you stay ahead of the fashion curve by only offering a limited amount of sets per style. We always pack extras to offset any breakage. As your collection grows you can mix and match sets to make new sets. Wear a few bangles or the whole set. Break up the set and wear on both arms, its up to you. Bangles are hand-made in India and/or Pakistan. Made of glass.
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