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antique brooch
Established in 2002, Huali Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a China cheap antique brooch sale and custom antique brooches wholesale, designer. All of our jewelry are no harm to health, and the content of metal nickel suites the Europe standard. OEM and personalized antique brooch is also welcomed. With unique designs, superior quality, prompt delivery and good services, our company has always kept in pace with world fashion trends with the latest fashion antique brooches and findings.
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antique brooch
Black Smokey Austrian Rhinestone Poodle Dog Antique Silver-Tone Brooch Pin
Exquisite and ornate, this vintage style antique gold tone Heiress Filigree 'Cameo' Brooch is a beautiful 'piece'. Displaying classical grace, the handcarved profile of a woman with a stately expression and upswept curls adorns the stone, set in an antique gold filigree frame and decorated with amber coloured Swarovski crystals. The brooch measures about 55mm x 50mm and fastens securely with a metal pin clasp. Cameo jewellery is truly classic and timeless in its appeal, so this stunning pin will make a great gift or give-a-way for Mothers Day.
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antique brooches
This interesting and handsome brooch is antique circa early 1900s. It is fashioned from 14k rose, yellow and white gold. It measures 2 1/2 x 3/4 inches and is stamped 14k on the clasp. We find this piece rare as we've never come across one in all our years in the business. The back of the pan is rose gold, the shovel and pick ends are unpolished white gold and the inside of the pan is unpolished yellow gold. The nuggets are unpolished yellow gold.
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